Expert Witness & Claims Analysis

What is a Scott Schedule and does Quantum QS prepare such schedules?

A Scott schedule is basically a list of the items in dispute prepared by one party. It is most often used in the settlement of property, landlord and construction disputes. However, this has spread out into other areas.

Quantum QS do provide Scott Schedules, we refer to them as Quantum Merits. Our schedules ensure the following:

  • Each individual item claimed is particularised to a level enabling it to be conveniently identified by the Court, Tribunal, Adjudicator, Parties and their Witnesses;
  • The amount asserted by both parties in relation to each individual item is quantified;
  • The contentions of each party in relation to each individual item are articulated;
  • Areas of agreement relating to the description of the item and quantum are identified (for example, a defendant may agree that the work described in the item was requested, but may argue that the quantum charge was not as set out in the contract was not reasonable);
  • The aggregate of the claims and areas of admissions of each party are known.

What is the Quantum QS approach to expert witness?

We aim to provide our expert witness services in a phased approach to allow our clients greater strategic and budgetary control through the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of their position. The Quantum QS approach to expert witness includes:

  • Preliminary assessment to provide a strategy report
  • Review of facts, general measurement and priced estimate
  • Analysis of initial priced estimate as detailed information becomes available
  • Attend meetings and if required the sitting legal tribunal and or court system

What is Quantum QS’s expertise surrounding litigious dispute in an Expert Witness Claim?

After decades of providing the highest calibre of cost and project management advice to the building and construction industry, Quantum QS has developed complementary specialist expertise in the area of dispute resolution and contractual claim analysis.

We have developed a skill set in providing both strategic and detailed advice to clients considering or engaging in legal disputes involving adjudication, arbitration and litigation.

The specialist expertise which Quantum QS can provide in the field of construction includes:-

  • Assistance in Mediation
  • Contractual Claims Preparation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Witness and
  • Adjudication Support

Significant costs can be avoided and executive management time can be saved, if timely and proper advice is secured. Quantum QS can provide a valuable contribution to this process allowing organisations to better plan their dispute activities and mitigate their legal and associated costs

Why Chose Quantum QS?

Quantum QS can help in Claims Management and Dispute Resolution services. We will assess and resolve all kinds of project related disputes. Our quantity surveyors specialise in claims and variation management, delay analysis, extension of time narratives, adjudication and arbitration, informal mediation and planning. Our knowledge and expertise in interpretation of contract documents helps to settle issues, avoid disputes and ensure the effective progress of a project.

In addition, we provide pre-contract support that can be said to be a cost effective service in bill of quantities (BOQ) preparation, estimate, cost planning, budget and cash flow forecasts, quantity bulk checks, tender audits, material scheduling and procurement and trade package compilation. Our technique of measuring quantities from construction drawings, sketches and specifications helps to prepare tender and or contract documents. The BOQ preparation and construction claims are done generally not in accordance with the Australian standard method of measurement. Our quantity surveyor site support enables clients to vary workload, accept new projects and overcome resource issues.