Expert Witness & Claims Analysis

An expert witness is a figure who has extensive knowledge and experience of the issue in dispute and who is able to provide expert evidence, either in writing or orally, to a court of other tribunal.

In the unfortunate event of a construction dispute, we are often asked to independently analyse costs associated with a project that may be the subject of a legal dispute. Quantum QS is able provide a report of our expert opinion on construction cost matters (Scott Schedule), provided this be required or requested for court purposes. We have completed reports in varying sizes and detail for Local, District and Supreme Courts.

This might relate to determining fair rectification costs, assessment of variations in dispute, or the value of work undertaken on projects that might have turned turbulent whereby an expert opinion of the cost is needed for a case.

Whether we source the expertise and resources available internally, or thorough appropriate external experts, using our available resources we can prepare expert witness reports that are presented in a manner suitable for presentation to a court, arbitrator or tribunal. Our reports are presented in an unbiased way, written to suit the simple interpretation of the content by people whose specialty might not be in construction costing, terminology or methodology.

We have in excess of 25 years of experience in the construction industry. This experience allows us to cover a broad base of construction dispute resolution and impartiality required for expert opinion.