Feasibility Studies, Planning & Advice

Quantum QS Feasibility Studies focuses on direct cash inflows and outflows that impact on the proposed Project. Analysis is undertaken for the whole project life cycle costing. The key is to establish an indicative return on investment and provide statistical analysis that allows consideration of all cost variables and comparison against other project and previously developed property investments.

Our feasibility study is the first step in the project procurement process; our initial estimate is based on concept/schematic drawings or sketches to establish the proposed option project costing. The estimate is based on area studies/number of lots etc. of the project and application of current market rates appropriate to the natural usage of the space and function. Following this process is the commencement of our cost plan, which generally provides a low cost basis for deciding whether to precede further, redesign or reconsider the scope of the project to suit the defined budget or cost.

Following the initial approval or financial support for the proposed development, the feasibility study typically consists of two stages – the first stage to test and confirm some of the project assumptions that led to the initial support of the proposed development, and the second stage is to compile a more detailed costing of the proposal based on estimating probable construction cost following more detailed drawings and written scope of works for each options on the proposed developments.

At Quantum QS this is what we refer to as a design to a costing rather than costing a design which is predominately what our competitors do time after time without often unable to provide or have the opportunity to step in and provide input or offer saving techniques based on materials and fabric as engagement often occurs well after the project is designed, usually prior to tender stage. Quantum QS has moved away from these old, tiresome and inefficient approaches and we offer our clients services from the very inception of the proposal. We offer many techniques of re-engineering and value management the proposal whilst updating our cost plan throughout the design phase capturing every cost based on re-design literally saving our clients hundreds and thousands of dollars.

As Quantity Surveyors we are specialists in construction estimating we offer accurate costings during all stages of the design and construct process. We have years of quantity surveying experience in the construction industry and are truly construction cost professionals.As with any investment process it is of fundamental importance to gain the best estimate of your base cost in order to identify your true exposure to the market forces.

Ideally and for your peace of mind, this cost information should be identified prior to an ultimate commitment to the project such as the feasibility analysis and study stage of any proposed development.

At Quantum QS, we approach estimating in a systematic and thorough manner. Our years of experience in the construction industry enable us to anticipate areas of project cost that may not have been fully documented during the early stages of the project design.