Insurance Valuation Reports

Replacement insurance cost estimates (also referred to as a building insurance valuation) of buildings require a high level of understanding of construction processes and costs. Quantity Surveyors are universally recognised as the professionals’ best qualified to estimate construction costs.

The regular re-estimating (re-valuing) of a building’s replacement cost is often forgotten or ignored, with regularly fluctuating building costs. It is critical to keep the replacement value and insurance valuation of your property up to date, no matter what the age of the property.

Quantum QS are professionals with registered and chartered quantity surveyors, we are better qualified to prepare these reports than other non-quantity surveying professionals associated with the building or property industry. People sometimes confuse a market valuation (a valuation of the net worth of a property when offered for sale) with an insurance replacement cost estimate- they are quite disparate.

Protect your investments with accurate building insurance replacement valuations. Through a thorough valuation, we can assist the property investor by advising an appropriate value or sum to insure for, not only for the cost to rebuild the property new for old (often much greater than the building’s worth), but also current costs for demolition, redesign, tendering costs, and escalation from policy renewal through to the time of reconstruction.

What sets us apart from many of our insurance replacement valuation competitors is the detailed quality of our insurance replacement reports. Each report contains a detailed insurance replacement estimate of the building cost that has been determined by site inspection and analysis of assisting documentation.

Legislation has been implemented in various states across Australia which require all Strata Schemes to have Insurance Replacement Valuations performed every few (5) years with regular updates (2-3 years). Should you require an estimate or should you wish to learn more about our other property services such as quantity surveying and cost planning contact us today.

Our building owner clients include, community and strata title complexes, office buildings, community clubs, resorts and retirement villages. Consultants within the insurance and community and strata title industries frequently turn to Quantum QS for professional advice in this area.