Sinking Fund Forecast Planning

We specialise in the preparation of Sinking Fund Forecasts for both new and existing developments, or for use in marketing with an indicative model. We can prepare a sinking fund forecast for you in conjunction with the strata managers, owners corporation/body corporate (depending on which state the schemes resides) to present a schedule plan that realistically presents guidance on the future replacement cost implications of each property.

Our sinking fund reports present in detail, a breakdown of replacement items, their costs and average replacement cycles, a recommended expenditure program to assist in managing future outlays from the fund and a schedule of annual contributions to the fund for each property owner, calculated by contribution based on lot entitlement.

Legislation has been implemented in various states across Australia which requires all Strata Schemes to have Sinking Fund Forecasts prepared and updated every few years. Should you require more information from Quantum QS regarding our sinking fund forecasts or should you require alternative property services, please contact our expert property specialists today.