Workplace Health & Safety Audits

The State legislation in both Australia manifests the owners’ corporation/body corporate, as the controller of the common property in strata schemes, responsible for ensuring that these areas are safe for both occupants and visitors to the scheme.

The Quantum QS workplace health and safety audit will:

  • Identify hazards and provide digital photographs illustrating their location.
  • Assess risks that may result because of the hazards.
  • Assist in deciding on control measures to prevent, or minimise the level of risks presented.
  • Provide the necessary tools to allow implementation control measures to compliant level.
  • Monitor and review the effectiveness of these measures as requested.
  • Provide policies and procedures for engaging and managing commonly used contractors and commonly performed tasks.

The report provides both a written outline of the health and safety legislation and a clear description of the hazards with colour photos.

The audit does not investigate the following:

  • fire protection systems
  • electrical and gas systems
  • major equipment such as lifts and air conditioning units
  • asbestos containing materials

These items require specialist qualifications and/or licencing to test.