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Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Property Tax Depreciation

Over 35 years of industry experience.

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Pioneering the market, we are leaders in creating property tax depreciation schedules at competitive rates.

Explore our Comprehensive Suite of End-to-End Service Offerings

From maximising tax benefits through meticulous depreciation analysis to ensuring accurate insurance valuations, Quantum QS provides top-notch expertise in quantity surveying and consulting, catering to all your needs.

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Tax Depreciation

Unlock substantial tax savings with our comprehensive and ATO-compliant tax depreciation schedules; tailored for various property investments, ensuring maximum returns.

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Property Valuations

Ensure precise insurance replacement cost estimates with our in-depth reports, led by our highly skilled team of certified quantity surveyors and valuers, offering comprehensive solutions .

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Strata Management

Explore our detailed reports on insurance replacement valuations, capital works, sinking funds, 10-year maintenance plans, safety audits, and building condition assessments. We set the standard for excellence and reliability.

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Quantity Surveying

From project feasibility and detailed cost planning to comprehensive contract administration, we achieve precise cost management and optimised project outcomes, ensuring your project's financial efficiency.

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Facilities Management

Maximise the efficiency and value of your property with our top-tier facilities management services. Our dedicated team of industry experts and professionals specialises in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Consulting Services

We provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services aimed at fostering sustainable excellence and optimising asset performance within your budget. Whether you need strategic planning for your property assets, efficient facility management outsourcing, or meticulous procurement solutions, our dedicated team delivers tailored services to enhance overall efficiency and asset value.


Unmatched Expertise and Unparalleled Value

Rely on Quantum QS, backed by over 35 years of experience and a track record of 5000+ successful projects. Our proficient team of accredited Quantity Surveyors, Valuers, and Engineers ensures a smooth professional experience that consistently exceeds expectations.

Choose excellence. Choose Quantum QS.
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Proven Excellence

With a 35 year track record and over 5000 successful projects, we deliver results that speak for themselves.

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Tailored Solutions

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise, customising solutions to maximise value and make your project a standout success.

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Decades of Excellence Quantified



Over 35 Years of Experience

Our team has over 35 years experience delivering value for our clients.



Over 5000+ Successfully Delivered Projects

Throughout the years, we have worked on and delivered over 5000 projects.



Over 85% of our Clients Return

Quantum QS is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and value.

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Explore our Client Success Stories

We first engaged Quantum QS for a Tax Depreciation Schedule in 2009 and have since relied on their unmatched expertise for comprehensive cost planning, DA approval, and Financiers reports. Their seamless management of progress claims and variation assessments during the construction of our dream house truly showcases their exceptional commitment to excellence.

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Ayhan Baba


Earlier in 2023, I urgently needed to file my tax return to avoid penalties. Despite being quoted 42 business days by other services, Quantum QS provided exceptional assistance, delivering four schedules in less than a week at a competitive price. Their personalised property assessments led to additional claim suggestions, saving me money now and in the future. I highly recommend Quantum QS for their invaluable property tax advice and their prompt, cost-effective service

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Chris Lee

Legal Practioner

In my role as a city based accountant, I've come across numerous property tax depreciation reports, but it's truly refreshing to receive one that is exceptionally comprehensive, well-summarised, and fully compliant with the law. By opting for your report over the one I had previously commissioned, there's the potential for additional tax savings, of several thousands of dollars. I will certainly be recommending your services to my clients in the future

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Paul Cavallaro, CPA

Managing Partner

I wholeheartedly recommend Quantum QS to clients, as they have consistently helped them save thousands each year with their detailed insurance valuation reports. The precise assessments not only enhance their investments but also lower insurance premiums while maintaining comprehensive coverage for their assets. Clients can benefit significantly from Quantum QS's exceptional service, and I strongly endorse their expertise for anyone looking to optimise financial investments, insurance strategies and of course property tax depreciation schedules.

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Paul Janjic

Mortgage Broker

Working with Quantum QS was an absolute game-changer for me and my property investments. They delivered top-notch tax depreciation schedules on all my investment properties over the years. Not only did they meet my tight deadlines, but they exceeded my expectations with their thorough and timely services. Quantum QS's dedication to excellence truly made a significant difference in my tax savings. I can't recommend them enough – they've become my go-to choice for property tax matters. Thank you for making a real impact on my financial success!

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Elie Rouhana

Property Valuer

We've collaborated with Quantum QS for several years, and their reports consistently exhibit accuracy. They demonstrate a proactive approach to completing their work and we've encountered no issues with the ATO.
Their reliability and trustworthiness make them stand out, and I see no compelling reason to explore alternative suppliers.
I wholeheartedly endorse Quantum QS and Isik and am more than willing to refer them to anyone needing a depreciation report or a quantity surveyor.  

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Dan L.

The quantum qs advantage

Certified Credibility, Assured Quality

Trust our expertise and credibility as we are chartered and registered members of: RICS, AIQS, and API. With our Tax Practitioners Board membership, we remain updated and deliver services compliant with the latest tax regulations. Our Real Estate License and Licensed Builder status showcase our comprehensive understanding of not just construction but a holistic real estate market service. Rest assured, our qualifications ensure reliable and top-tier services.